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Dental Services

While conventional dentistry somehow focuses in oral hygiene, and in the diagnosis, prevention, and medical care of oral disorders, cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, tends to focus on enhancing your teeth appearance, your mouth, and smile. Our dental clinic offers a vast range of dental services which you can easily avail at a very reasonable price by skilled and reliable dentists. Read further for our specific services.

Why Trust Your Smile To Dr. Ricardo Perez?

I commit to provide quality service, but also to listen attentively to each and every need so I can be able to find the most effective ways on how I can be of best help to you. And to be able to maximize this, I want you to become  more acquainted with me. This site can be a good resource to know me better and the dental services I offer . Part of my dedication to serve you better includes providing a personalized, tender care as well imparting the necessary information which can help you become more well-informed in regard to your overall oral health and needs.

I firmly believe that to be able to provide excellent patient care in a variety of dental needs, compassion and proficient skills must go together hand in hand. I value our patients highly and I recognize each one as unique individuals with different needs that’s why I’m trained to be flexible enough to face each and every dental concern with proficiency.

Whether you simply want a teeth cleaning, full-mouth restoration, an examination, or any other dental services, I guarantee to provide such with exceptional gentle remedies to enhance the natural symmetry of your captivating smile. With a range of quality dental services you can choose from, I simply hope that everything you need for all of your dental needs can be addressed sufficiently. I will make sure that your visit in our clinic will always be a comfortable and a pleasant experience.

PATIENT AWARENESS I provide helpful information about treatment options and dental procedures of which  encourage you to visit in my patient awareness page. You can use this website to learn how you can prepare yourself on your first visit, of course, aside from knowing our staff and familiarizing the variety of dental services I offer. You can also check out our FAQ page for more info or have a look in our gallery for some before & after dental cases.

For more convenience, I have also provided a printable form for new patients where you can simply print and have the necessary fields be completed prior to your visit to avoid delays. You can fax or email the form into our contact details as provided in the œcontact us page. Or you can either bring it with you as you visit our clinic. Finally, I’m looking forward in providing you the utmost personal care that you truly deserve.

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